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KEY TO TSIM SHA TSUI 1 Ships Berth - Ocean Terminal 2 Star Ferry Pier 3 Hong Kong Tourist
Information Office 4 Clock Tower 5 HK Cultural Centre 6 HK Space Museum
( currently closed for renovation ) 7 HK Museum of Art
( currently closed for renovation ) 8 Waterfront Promenade 9 International Direct Dial
Telephone 10 Signal Hill Garden 11 1881 Heritage ( site of the Old
Marine Police HQ Building ) 12 Tsim Sha Tsui ( Station ) 13 Jordan ( Station ) 14 Kowloon Park 15 Kowloon Mosque &
Islamic Centre 16 Tsim Sha Tsui Police HQ 17 Kowloon Cricket Club 18 HK Museum of History 19 HK Science Museum 20 Hung Hom Station

















Mong Kok A


Kowloon City Yau Ma Tei
Tsim Sha Tsui East Tsim Sha Tsut Central / North Point Admiralty Causeway Tai Koo
Chai HONG KONG ISLAND Chai Wan Aberdeen

Wan Bay

Repulse Bay

Hong Kong

Whilst every care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of this guide , some of the information included is subject to change . Opening times , admission details and prices were correct at time of going to print , however they should only be used as an indication . If you find any information to be incorrect , or have any suggestions for what else we could include in this guide , then we would like to hear from you . Write to : The Editors , Cunard Line Port Guides , Cunard Line , Floor 3 , Shore Operations . Carnival House , 100 Harbour Parade , Southampton , SO15 1ST .


Make the most of your time ashore .


Vivid and vibrant - a visual feast of cultures . Since 1 July 1997 , Hong Kong has been an autonomous territory of mainland China . A thriving community devoted to business with amazing contrasts , mirrored skyscrapers , paddy fields , luxurious shopping malls and colourful street markets .

INTRODUCING HONG KONG Hong Kong is undoubtedly one of the most exciting destinations in the world . A truly impressive skyline of modern skyscrapers outlines the busy harbour , which is full of sampans , junks , ferries and foreign cargo ships . The streets are crowded and full of colour with people going about their daily business . There will be so many sights and sounds for you to take in that your day in Hong Kong is sure to be simply unforgettable . Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region of the People ' s Republic of China , lying on the south - east coast of China . The total land area is 424 square miles ( 1 , 100 square kilometres ) , comprising Hong Kong Island , Kowloon and the New Territories , plus 260 outlying Islands Hong Kong enjoys a subtropical climate : the summers are hot and humid , while the autumn months are much cooler with very little rain . The average winter temperature 16°C ( 61°F ) , with a humidity of 73 % . The 1st July 1997 marked the historic date of Hong Kong ' s reversion to Chinese sovereignity . Under a unique arrangement referred to as " One Country . Two Systems " , the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region ( HKSAR ) of China enjoys a degree of autonomy . Hong Kong was mostly under - developed up until the mid 19th century , There is evidence that the islands of Lamma and Lanta were inhabited by fishermen many thousands of years ago and in the Middle Ages pirates lived in Aberdeen . Regular trade between China and Britain began in 1700 and the British traders operated from Macau , a Portuguese colony near Canton . Due to rapid trade expansion Britain needed a Chinese base to operate from and in 1841 , Captain Charles Elliot occupied Hong Kong for this purpose . At that time , trade in opium was flourishing and the British were making huge profits from its sale to the Chinese , much to the disgust of the Emperor of China , and as a result he banned opium . Trade still continued , however , until General Lin Tse - Hsu demanded that all opium supplies be surrendered and then destroyed . William Jardine and James Matheson , the most successful opium traders , persuaded the British Government to use force and resist the ban . General Lin had the opium factory in Canton surrounded and eventually the British surrendered 20 , 000 chests of opium . General Lin hoped that normal trading ( other than in opium ) would continue between the two countries , but this was not to be . Lord Palmerston demanded full payment for the 20 , 000 chests of opium seized from the Canton factory and a treaty for free trade . Fighting once again erupted and Captain Elliot took Hong Kong island as he felt it would be an ideal centre for British trade with China and a good place for the British and their families to live . The British Government were unhappy with his choice and the Foreign Secretary wrote to Elliot , " you have obtained the cession of Hong Kong , a bare island with hardly a home upon it . Now it seems obvious that Hong Kong will not be a mart of trade . . . " ( if only someone had given him a crystal ball ! ) . As a result , Elliot was replaced by Sir Henry Pottinger who became the first Governor of Hong Kong and from then on the island was on the road to becoming " a vast emporium of commerce and wealth " .

In 1842 , Lord Palmerston ' s demands were finally met and relations between Britain and China returned to normal . In 1907 , the opium trade was finally stopped . In 1860 , Britain gained the Kowloon peninsula and in 1898 the New Territories were released to Britain for 99 years . Since then Hong Kong has become an important Far East trade and financial centre and a popular tourist destination , the only interruption to its growth being the Japanese occupation during the Second World War . Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People ' s Republic of China was established as of 1st July 1997 . Under the Sino - British Joint Declaration on the future of Hong Kong , signed in 1984 and registered with the United Nations , the reversion of sovereignty brings very little change . This has been guaranteed by China in the Basic Law . Hong Kong ' s capitalist system will remain unchanged for at least 50 years . The terriority will be free to continue its own political , social and economic systems , and will enjoy a high degree of autonomy except in foreign affairs and defence matters . Hong Kong is now run by Hong Kong people . The government is headed by a Chief Executive who is a Hong Kong citizen , selected by a Selection Committee comprised of Hong Kong people , rather than a Governor appointed by the Queen in the UK . Hong Kong will keep its own laws ( British common law system ) . The Judiciary will remain independent with a Final Court of Appeal based in Hong Kong , Hong Kong will maintain its existing border and its own immigration controls . Controls will be maintained on the movement of people from China into Hong Kong EXPLORING Tsim Sha Tsui Nathan Road is Kowloon ' s main thoroughfare and it is teeming with life day and night . Many of the hotels are located here on Hong Kong ' s " Golden Mile " of shopping and nightlife . Near Star Ferry Pier is China Hong Kong City Shopping Complex , where the ferries depart for China and Macau . Star Ferry Hong Kong ' s famous Star Ferry operates a continuous service between Kowloon and Hong Kong . The boats are green and white and crewed by Chinese all kitted out in navy blue sailor suits . The journey takes seven minutes across the busy harbour and it ' s an ideal way to take in the fascinating harbour scene . From 6 . 30am - 11 . 30am . Cultural Centre The Cultural Centre is along Kowloon ' s waterfront and comprises of a Concert Hall , a Grand Theatre with a revolving stage and an electrically operated orchestra . The Studio theatre is used solely for dance and drama productions . The complex has four restaurants serving good Chinese and European food .


Hong Kong Museum of Art Adjacent to the Cultural Centre on 10 Salisbury Road , Tsim Sha Tsui . The six galleries of this museum feature historical and contemporary Hong Kong art , Chinese art and antiquities , the Xubaizhai Gallery and a Special Exhibitions Gallery . This museum is currently close for a major renovation project and is due to reopen in 2018 or 2019 . The Space Museum Located near the Cultural Centre , the Sky Shows and films featured in the museum ' s Space Theatre are so real that you will really think you are in space instead of just looking at it . The wide - screen Omnimax and Sky Shows are worth seeing and these are presented daily . The planetarium is one of the largest in the world . Open from 1 . 00pm 9 . 00pm weekdays , apart from Tuesday when it is closed , and 10 . 00am 9 . 00pm on weekends . Hong Kong Science Museum Of the 500 exhibits , sixty percent are " hands on " . Discover the mysteries of science with displays ranging from robotics to communications . Open Monday , Tuesday , Wednesday and Friday 1 . 00pm - 9 . 00pm . Weekends and Public Holidays from 10 . 00am - 9 . 00pm . Closed Thursday , Jade Market Held every day from 10 . 00am - 4 . 00pm in Canton Road , Kowloon There are around 450 stalls selling a staggering amount of jade at a wide range of prices . Bird Garden Song birds have long been prized in China and this is where you can see hundreds of birds for sale . Open from 7 . 00am - 6 . 00pm and located in Flower Market Road , near Mong Kok Stadium . Hong Kong Museum of History The scope of the Museum ' s collections of over 75 , 000 items covers the areas of archaeology , local history , ethnography and natural history , forming the most important archives of objects relating to Hong Kong ' s history and heritage in the world . Open at 10 . 00am - 6 . 00pm , weekdays except Tuesday , Open 10 . 00am - 7 . 00pm on Sundays and some public holidays . Central The Central Business district has modern , high - rise blocks housing international banks , hotels and up - market shopping malls . Victoria Peak The Peak Tram , said to be the steepest funicular railway in the world , has been running since 1888 . The 7 - minute journey takes you up to Victoria Peak where you will be able to get a 360 degree panoramic view of Hong Kong Island , Kowloon and the New Territories . Join the tram at the terminal on Garden Road for an exhilarating ride to the 1 , 305 feet high summit . There are lots of good restaurants at the ' Peak Tower ' and the ' Peak Galleria ' , a few shops to look round as well as several walking routes which encircle the peak . There is also a Madame Tussauds located at the Peak Tower . The tram runs daily from 7 . 00am - Midnight . Zoological and Botanical Gardens On Upper Albert Road , Victoria . Arrive here early morning and you will glimpse the Chinese practising the ancient exercise regime of t ' ai chi ch ' uan ( shadow boxing ) which looks like ballet in very slow motion . The zoo has a collection of monkeys , jaguars and colourful jungle birds and is home to many endangered species . Open from 6 . 00am - 7 . 00pm daily . Hong Kong Park Near the Admiralty MTR Station on Supreme Court Road you will find the entrance to this 8 - hectare park with its aviary , pools , fountains and restaurant - an oasis in the middle of the Central business district .

Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware The Museum of Tea Ware displays a unique collection of ancient Chinese tea ware which is housed in the oldest surviving colonial building . Open daily 10 . 00am - 5 . 00pm daily except Tuesday and some public holidays . Man Mo Temple The oldest place of worship in Hong Kong which faces Hollywood Road , The temple is full of burning joss sticks and incense coils . The statues at the main altar represent Man and Mo and the gold plated sedan chairs are used for carrying statues of the temples gods around the streets . The temple is dedicated to the God of Literature and the God of War . Open from 8 . 00am - 6 . 00pm daily . It ' s worth taking a look down Hollywood Road itself and the surrounding streets as this is the antiques ' quarter and many of the shops sell oriental antiques , carpets , carvings , bronze and jade . Western Market In a beautiful Edwardian building in the Western District , you will find a variety of kiosks selling gifts and mementoes . The Western Market was originally opened in 1858 and was one of Hong Kong ' s first produce markets . It is now open daily from 10 . 00am - 7 . 00pm . Wanchai Hong Kong ' s ' Soho ' district is full of bars and night - clubs . The area was at its most notorious during the 1960 ' s when servicemen on leave from Vietnam thronged the streets looking for a good time . The area is home to Hong Kong ' s oldest post office and Hong Kong ' s third tallest building - the 78 - storey Central Plaza . The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre is further along the waterfront with hotels and exhibition arenas . Causeway Bay A mile east from Wanchai leads you to the Causeway Bay area which is packed with good restaurants and shops , particularly the Japanese and Chinese department stores . It gets really busy at night when the hawkers set up their market and food stalls to tempt you . Opposite the World Trade Centre is the noon day gun which is fired every day at Noon - a tradition which began over a century ago and was made famous by Noel Coward in his song , Mad Dogs and Englishmen ! Aberdeen Most of Aberdeen ' s inhabitants live on junks and sampans in the harbour and make a living from fishing . The town is best known for its Hoating Jumbo Chinese restaurants which are a huge tourist attraction and best seen at night when they are lit up with thousands of colourful lights . Ocean Park The Oceanarium here is said to be the largest in the Southeast Asia . Daily shows are held featuring killer whales and dolphins and high diving displays . You reach the park by Cable Car , or if you ' ve no head for heights , via the Asia ' s second longest escalator . There are roller coasters and other thrilling rides . Ocean Park itself is full of amusements and is south - east Asia ' s biggest entertainment complex . Open daily 10 . 00am 6 . 00pm . Stanley Market Once an important fishing village on Hong Kong Island , the market at Stanley is world - famous for its clothes , jewellery , Chinese handicrafts and curios . The lively pubs along the quayside make a good stop for luncheon and are inexpensive . Repulse Bay A largely residential area where many expatriates have settled , Repulse Bay has one of Hong Kong ' s most popular beaches . There are facilities for changing and showering as well as fast - food stalls and a restaurant . On weekends and public holidays , a flea market is usually held on the Beach Road


Antiques ( the Hollywood Road area has some very good dealers ) , silk , cameras , carpets , Chinese handicrafts , electronic items , gold , jade ( but beware of fakes - real jade feels smooth and cool ) . Ivory is sold in many shops but there is a world - wide ban on its import . Made - to measure clothes can be ordered and sometimes completed within a matter of hours . Most items imported into Hong Kong are duty - free . The only goods that carry duty are tobacco and alcohol , however this is relatively low compared to most countries , GENERAL INFORMATION Post Office The main Post Office is at Connaught Place in the Central district . There is also a branch at Middle Road , Tsim Sha Tsui . Opening hours are generally 9 . 30am - 5 . 00pm , Monday to Friday and on Saturday 9 . 30am - Noon . Closed on public holidays . Money Matters The unit of currency is the Hong Kong Dollar ( HK $ ) which is divided into 100 cents . Notes and coins in circulation are : Notes : $ 1 , 000 , $ 500 , $ 100 , $ 50 , $ 20 , $ 10 . Coins : $ 5 , $ 10 , $ 2 . $ 1 . 50c , 20c , 10c . Many shops in tourist areas ( eg Tsim Sha Tsui ) will accept foreign currency , ie . Sterling , American and Australian Dollars as well as most credit cards , Emergency Contacts In an emergency , call 999 . Tourist Information There is a Tourist Information Centre at the Star Ferry Concourse in Kowloon and at the Peak Piazza on Hong Kong Island . The staff are very helpful and speak good English . Pick up plenty of maps and brochures to get the most out of your visit . The Head Office of the Hong Kong Tourism Board is at 11 th floor , Citicorp Centre , 18 Whitfield Road , North Point . HANDY TIPS • Look out for the weekly newspaper for visitors , " Hong Kong This
Week " or the free guides on shopping , dining and entertainment and
sightseeing . It is advisable to drink only bottled water which is widely available . . Don ' t miss what is probably the cheapest and most scenic ride in the
world on the Star Ferry . • Ride out to Ocean Park on an open - top , double decker bus . . Try a double - decker tram ride from one end of Hong Kong island to
the other .

USEFUL WORDS The official languages of Hong Kong are Chinese and English . Here are a few words of Cantonese to impress the locals ! Yes / No
Hai / mm hai How much is that ? Gay doe cheen o ? Good morning
Jo san Good - bye
Joy geen Thank you
Mgoi SECURITY While on holiday , it is all too easy to become relaxed about your personal safety and the security of your belongings . Just as when you are at home , crime can exist in even the most idyllic places , so we recommend you take a few simple precautions whilst ashore by : • Maintaining an awareness of your surroundings • Sticking to the main attractions , sights and districts unless you are
exploring with an official guide or on a shore excursion • Leaving any jewellery likely to attract attention , unnecessary credit
cards and cash or expensive possessions on the ship , in the safe
provided in your stateroom • Securing personal items such as cameras , purses and wallets adequately
on your person or within your bags so that they are not on show • Carrying your bags in such a way that they are not easy to open
without you being aware • Taking your ship ' s newspaper with you in order that you have emergency
contact details should you need them

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