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Our magazine Costa Classica




The excursion tickets will be sent directly to your cabin at the latest the day after you embark . If you want to modify your booked excursions please contact the Excursion office before the 8 . 00pm of the embarking day .



. . . at the INTERACTIVE KIOSK located on deck 5 and on deck 8 Insert your Costa card , choose your excursions and take your tickets instantly !



. . . By filling out the “ TOUR ORDER FORM " and dropping it off in the Drop Box situated near the Excursion Office , on deck 5 .

The tour tickets will be delivered to your cabin after you have booked before the next day .

NEW SERVICE FOR THE FAMILY : Parents on excursion , children to the Squok Club !

sque .

Parents who would like to go on an excursion on their own can leave their children ( between 3 and 12 years old ) on board with the pleasant and professional Entertainment Team of the Squok Club . For more information and to reserve please go directly to the Squok Club , deck 11


SHORE EXCURSION LEGEND ICON n Easy : Tours with this symbol involve walking over relatively lever terrain .

Moderate : Tours with this symbol can involve a moderate amount of physical activity such as walking over cobblestones or uneven surface , climbing stairs or steep terrain , swimming in a light current , or bicycle riding . They are not recommended for guest with walking difficulties . Comfortable sturdy shoes are recommended

Hard : Tours with this symbol involve high physical exertion for extended periods of time . The terrain may be uneven or steep . They are recommended only for sporting people in a good physical health

The information above mentioned refers to people in a good physical health .

Sightseeing : these are primarily coach excursions with an emphasis on sight - seeing and very little activity .

Eco Natural Trail : dedicated to nature lovers


Water Activity : involves the opportunity to swim or the possibility of getting wet .

Cultural : dedicated to history , culture and local tradition lovers .

Good for shopping : specially dedicated to shopping lovers .

Fun : dedicated to a young public keen on entertainment .

Recommended to families : includes activities that are appropriate for families travelling with children .

Sports Lovers : for the adventurous , there are our most active shore excursions . . .

Disable friendly : indicates that this tour is for guests with minor walking ability , who are able to walk short distances . Wheel chair service is not available from the ship therefore a family member or friend must be present to accompany guest . Most of the land tour guides require foldable wheel chairs . In Certain ports of calls wheel chair accommodation on the bus may not be foreseen . Please notify the Tour Manager on board your ship in advance upon your embarkation day so that arrangements may be made according to your requirements for your excursions and to reserve your sitting on the bus . For special requests contact the Excursion Office on board who are available for your needs giving you all the information needed from your programme and relative prices .

Most wanted : Guest surveys indicate a high degree of satisfaction with these tours .

New : Brand - new Tour


Tasting : a light snack will be provided on this excursion . . .


Meal Included : a meal will be provided on this excursion .

Basket Lunch : a packed lunch is provided from the ship .

1 .

Meal on board : back on board for lunch / dinner , your guide will be ready to continue the excursion at the end of it .

Meal not included : during excursions free time is given to organise lunch individually .

Drink included

DEPARTURE TIME : We kindly ask you to check the meeting points and exact tours departure times on the TODAY programme that will be delivered to your cabin the night before the port of call .



USD 48 , 00 Duration : approximately 5 . 5 hours
LIMITED SEAT You will leave the pier and start the tour which is a shopper ' s delight with stops at the major recommended shopping places in Taipei . A photo stop at Taipei 101 will also give you the chance to enjoy the view on the beatiful building . Please note : the order of visits may vary . Tour includes a Chinese / English language speaking guide . Space is limited , so please reserve early .

USD 76 , 00 Duration : approximately 7 . 5 hours
LIMITED SEAT You ' ll leave the port and drive to Chung Cheng Park ( Rang Park ) . There is a 25 - metre high white statue of Goddess of Mercy in the park which become one of the landmark of Reelung . The park overlooks Reelung City and the harbor . There are three levels in the park containing a historic canon fort , a Buddhist library and a Temple . You will then drive to the Yeliu Park for the last visit . Yehliu is a cape of about 1 , 700 meters long formed by Datun Mountain reaching into the sea . When overlooked from above , the place is like a giant turtle submerging into the sea . Thus , it is also called " Yehliu Turtle " . Because the rock layer of seashore contains sandstone of limestone texture and it is subject to sea erosion , weathering and earth movements , there is particular scenery consisting of sea trenches / pot holes , fungus shaped rocks , and pot shaped rocks . The place is divided into three sections . The first section has rocks like Queen ' s Head , Fairy ' s Shoe and Candle . The second section has rocks like Bean Curd , Dragon Head . The third section has sea - eroded caves , seal shaped rock , etc . The place is suitable for geological study and field research . In addition , there is a statue of Lin Tien Jane in commemoration of the person ' s bravery of scarifying own live for saving others . The monument describes in details the touching story . Go to Bi Sa Fishing Village to have lunch . Then drive to Chiu Feng Village . Chiufen used to the center of gold mining . It is located within the hills in northeast of Taiwan . The village is next to the mountain and facing the sea . In 1890 , someone struck gold near Chiufen . The poor village with only nine families soon attracted prospectors of 4 , 000 families . The village once was gold city of Asia and called little Shanghai or little Hong Kong . However , with the decline of gold mining activities , Chiufen fades . Later , several movies chose to shoot here and the movies won international acknowledgement . The place is whispering its golden past . Now , there are many unique teahouses in Chiufen . These teahouses are best stops during visit to this mountain village . Also , there is the beautiful ocean view of Reelung outer sea . Drive back to pier after the Vilage explore ! Please note : the order of visits may vary . Please wear comfortable walkimg shoes . Tour includes a Chinese / English language speaking guide . Space is limited , so please reserve early .

USD 84 , 00 Duration : approximately 9 hours
LIMITED SEAT Leaving the port you will drive to the National Palace Museum . Famous of its rich antique collection amounts to nearly 700 , 000 pieces whose age range covers almost the entire five - thousand - old of Chinese history including pottery , Porcelain , bronze & jade ware ; sculpture , embroidery , calligraphy as well as paintings with each piece a true curio . Second stop to Dr . Sun Yat Sin Memorial Hall . It houses the internationally renowned national performance hall , expansive elegant and esthetic exhibition venues measuring in several tens of thousand square feet , projecting room with innovative setup , audiovisual center , lecture hall , Chung Shan lecture hall , professional library with more than 300 , 000 collection of books , as well as the tranquil and titillating Emerald Pond exhibition / performance area and Chung Shan Park . The development and promotion of the memorial hall ' s activities and events have been sought taking to a focus of emulating Mr . Chung Shan ' s paramount ideology of " Greater love " , " The World is for all People " , and " The purpose of life is to serve others " in anticipating to foster the general public with a greater respect and emulation of national founding father . The grand vision of National Dr . Sun Yat - sen Memorial Hall has had an impressive foundation laid these years , excelled during the " Development period " through the enterprising directors and to the prospering period , all contributing to excelling the administration of memorial hall with a global and local cultural exchange bracing toward the objectives of practical and prevalent lifetime learning , and professional , practical firmware facilities , vying to integrate the Chung Shan spirit and the traditional culture for reinvigorating and rediscovering the Chinese culture . We go further to have a photo stop on Taipei 101 Tower before lunch at local Chinese restaurant . Final stop to let you have free time shopping at local cake shop and at Everrich Duty Free Shop before we drive back to pier . Please note : the order of visits may vary . Please wear comfortable walkimg shoes . Tour includes a Chinese / English language speaking guide . Space is limited , so please reserve early .

USD 89 , 00 Duration : approximately 9 hours Leaving the port you will drive to the Chiang Kai - shek Memorial Hall . The great building has become a landmark of Taipei City . There are places for international art performances such as the National Theatre and National Concert Hall . World famous musicians ( such as the great cello performer Yo Yo Ma and the great violinist Shao Lian Lin ) and renowned playgroups have conducted performance here . The place is enriched with the beauty of traditional Chinese gardens . Next visit will be the Martyr ' s Shrine which was built in 1969 . Its grand and magnificent architectural style is similar to one of the hall of the Imperial Palace in Beijing , Mainland China which symbolizes the martyrs ' brave spirit . The 330 , 000 men who sacrificed their lives to the revolution before the establishment of the Republic of China and who fell during the Sino - Japanese war and the Chinese Civil war are worshipped here . Worth mentioning are the Honor Guards who guard the main gate , and who have been rigidly trained to stand like


expressionless statues and remain unmoved by the teasing of tourists . Tourists alike are amazed at this display of composure and flock to see the ceremonial changing of the guards . Drive to Top Chef Chinese restaurant & have a Chinese lunch there . Further visit to Taipei 101 , the building contains 101 floors above ground and 5 floors underground . Its postmodern style combines both Asian and international modern and traditional elements . Its safety features enable it to withstand typhoons and earthquakes . We go for a vist at the scenic lounge to see the full view of Taipei City & the Damper there . A multi - level shopping mall adjoining the tower houses hundreds of fashionable stores , restaurants and clubs . Final stop to let you have free time shopping at local cake shop and Everrich Duty Free Shop before we drive back to pier . Please note : the order of visits may vary . Please wear comfortable walking shoes . Tour includes a Chinese / English language speaking guide . Space is limited , so please reserve early .

USD 49 , 00 Duration : approximately 5 . 5 hours
LIMITED SEAT Leaving the port you will drive to Taiwan Storyland . On either side of the recreated streets and alleys here are scenes and architecture from the ' 50s through the ' 70s in Taiwan , with each doorway carefully decorated according to the designs and lifestyles of that time . Shop signs and displays are all genuine antiques , sure to help make visits a nostalgia - filled experience , as visiting parents and grandparents talk to their children about the " old days " . This is exactly the kind of atmosphere and effect that Taiwan Banana New Paradise Chairman Wu Chuan - zhi intended to create . This is a place of nostalgia , a cultural area for reflection and a museum portraying the life force of Taiwan . As you stroll along these old street scenes , looking at the police stations , homes of neighbourhood chiefs , department of health offices , grocery stores , classrooms and much more , it is a journey that is not only nostalgic but is also an educational opportunity as you experience , or re - experience , a much simpler time on this island . Further visit Lung Shan Temple , a famous old temple in Taiwan . It is for worshiping Guanshiyin Budda and other divine spirits . Lungshan Temple is facing the South . Its architecture is a three - section design in shape . There are the front hall , the rear hall and the right / left dragons protecting the middle hall . The layout is square and serene . The temple was built in Chianlung 5th year in Ching Dynasty . Due to natural disaster and damages caused by men , the temple was restored for several times . The doors , beams , and poles are beautifully decorated . There are a pair of bronze dragon poles in the front hall , four pairs of dragon poles in the middle hall . The sculptures are delicate . There are also exquisite wood sculptures . Among them , the well and Budda setting in the main hall are highly appreciated . The temple has many Chinese poems . verses and lyrics on signs . These add a touch of literature in addition to the religious and sightseeing value . Just half a block from the Lungshan Temple , you will find Taipei ' s famous Snake Alley . Along this food court - like street , there are plenty of snack shops offering hundreds of kinds of Asian style eats . But the alley is most famous for its snake shops - you can have snake soup or even sip snake blood here ! The Taiwanese claim it increases sexual vitality and strengthens the lower spine area . Today , the snake shops are not as popular as they once were , having given way to Chinese , Taiwanese and Japanese snack shops . From the Chinese - style hamburger to the bean curd junket , this is the right place to experience typical Chinese fast food . The snake alley is also popularly called as the night market . Free time to have your own shopping and take the meal for your own choice at the night market . Please note : the order of visits may vary . Please wear comfortable walking shoes . Tour includes a Chinese / English language speaking guide . Space is limited , so please reserve early . TAICHUNG 6670 TAICHUNG HIGHLIGHTS LOZI
USD 48 , 00 Duration : approximately 6 hours
LIMITED SEAT Departure from the pier to The headquarters monastery itself , Chung Tai Chan Monastery , completed on September 2001 , is one of the largest Buddhist monasteries in Taiwan . Widely admired as an architectural masterpiece because of the mountain monastery ' s more modern look , the temple is second only to Fo Guang Shan ' s monastery in physical size and in the number of ordained disciples . The temple is situated in Puli in Central Taiwan . The temple follows traditional Chinese Ch ' an , emphasizing on teachings based on sudden enlightenment and gradual cultivation . Then we drive to Taichung City to visit a Chinese bakeries , Pasteries that are worth a try include Sun Cakes and pineapple tarts . Sun Patisserie at Freedom Road is famous the first bakery to sell sun cakes , a favourite among locals . Further visit Jinming 1st Street before we drive back to Taichung Pier . Jinming 1st Street is the origination of European style stores in Taichung . It is also a successful example of store street operation in Taiwan . The circle is composed of special flavor street by two buildings with unique features . It turns to be a pedestrain area and European outdoor cafe area . It also famous on Pearl Milk Tea here at the street . Please note : the order of visits may vary . Please wear comfortable walking shoes . Tour includes a Chinese / English language speaking guide . Space is limited , so please reserve early . 6671 SUN MOON LAKE HALF DAY TOUR LADA
USD 68 , 00 Duration : approximately 5 hours
LIMITED SEAT Leaving the port you will drive to Sun Moon Lake Scenic Area , the first stop go to Wen Wu Temple . The architecture of the temple has the palace style of northern China . It is a large and imposing structure , with three separate halls . On the second floor of the front hall is a shrine devoted to the First Ancestor Raiji and the God of Literature ; the central hall is devoted to Guan Gong , the God of War , and the warrior - god Yue Fei ; and the rear hall memorializes Confucius . This is the only Confucius Temple in Taiwan that keeps its central door open . Another interesting feature of the temple is the two vermillion stone lions on the two sides of the front plaza . Go for the " Tso " Minority Shopping Street for free time explore & shop at the street . Take a boat tour around the lake for a 40 minutes ride on the Lake before we drive back to pier . Please note : the order of visits may vary . Please wear comfortable walkimg shoes . Tour includes a Chinese / English language speaking guide . Space is limited , so please reserve early .

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