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Cartagena , Colombia


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Iglesia de San Pedro laver Named in honor of the priest San Pedro Claver who was the first saint of the New World

Old Walled City Historic old town surrounded by the city wall . Main entrance is the Clock Tower Gate

Fogon Costeño Local fare , including a en selection of a local beer and a lively street scene

La Catedral Completa in 1612 and mostly preserved in its al form

Castle of San Felipe The largest fortification in the city , it was built by the Spanish to protect the city from pirate attacks .

Restaurant Vesuvio This restaurant specializes in Neapolitan cuisine

Iglesia de Santo Domingo Built at the end of the 16th century , making it the oldest church in the city



Parrilla Argentina Quebracho The focus here is on Argentine specialties

Adriana ' s Jewelry Finest emeralds right on the street level

Currency Colombian peso ( COM

O Navy Museum Contains a large collection of boat models and artifacts covering centuries or naval history

6 Salou Fresh seafood is the highlight of

la Popa Hill This 490 - foot / 150 - meter hill provides great views of Cartagena
La Matuna The financial district and international trade center that also houses popular tourist sites

Mister Emerald The respected place for emeralds in Cartagena

Las Bovedas Also known as " The Dungeons , " contain rows of handicraft

El Burlador de Sevilla Serves Spanish lavorites including tapas , paellas and more

Joyeria Caribe ( three locations ) Emerald store , museum and jewelry factory

Port Agent Caribbean Shipping Agency Avenida San Martin 6 - 105 Local 6 Bocagrande Edificio ostamar Cartagena , Colombia Phone : 575 665 2587 Tollfree : 575 665 9425 Fax : 575 665 4144 Email : caribbeansa asta . net . co

Bocagrande Peninsula Filled with upscale bars , shops and restaurants

DI Silvio Trattoria Italian food with indoor and outdoor Seating

Coffee and Finest selection of pre mium roast coffee in Cartagena

Find yourself on the northern coast of Colombia in Cartagena , often called the Pearl of the Caribbean Cartagena was founded in 1553 on the site of an indigenous village . Pedro de Heredia named the city after his hometown of Cartagena , Spain . During the 16th and 17th centuries Cartagena served as a commercial gateway to South America , with gold leaving for Spain and slaves arriving from Africa . These riches brought pirates such as Sir Francis Drake , whose sacking of the city led to the construction of the massive fortifications we see today Cartagena flourished during the Silver Age of the late 18th century when political power shifted to the city and it became a gathering place for the rich and powerful Today , the city otrs modern additions to its colonial beginnings , like towering skyscrapers lining the coastline . Take a walk along Cartagena ' s colonial walled city and see why it was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984 . The fortress Castillo San Felipe de Barajas sits perched alop the San Lazaru Hul where it Otice protected the city from enemy attack Spend some time downtown and see Colonial Republican and Italian - style architecture . Head to the lelesia de San Pedro Claver where you will have plenty of photo opportunities while strolling through the historic courtyard . Spend some time at the Islesia de Santo Domingo to catch up on area history

Palacio de la Inquisicion Headquarters of the Spanish Inquisition of Colombia

La Cevicheria Offers interesting ceviche tsing exotic local ingredients


Inner Bay Take a cruise on these beautiful waters for views of Fort Manzanillo

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